Claro Americas - Ecuador, Argentina, Colombia

Critical upgrades and migration in Live Network

  • Upgrade Plan preparation
  • Critical Upgrade execution
  • Hardware Expansion design
  • Third party vendor Hardware materialiazation
  • Database migration design
  • System expansion execution

Zain Group - Saudi Arabia, Iraq (Remotely)

End2End Projects

  • Third party vendor Hardware materialization
  • Hardware configuration and commissioning
  • Nokia Siemens Networks proprietary Software installation
  • Test environment setup and test manual design
  • Cusomer network audit, connectivity implementation
  • System integration and GoLive activities
  • Acceptance tests design and execution in Live Environment
  • Subscriber Database migration in Live Environment
  • Access Network migration for Subscriber Database in Live Environment

Three - United Kingdom and Ireland

Subscriber Database Implementation

  • System Acceptance Tests
  • System Installation and Integration

A1 Telekom - Austria

System Expansion in Live Network

  • Hardware Expansion
  • Nokia Siemens Networks proprietary Software installation
  • System integration
  • Database migration
  • Acceptance Tests